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Middle Frequency and Bipolar Pulsgenerator SB 300

The Generator can be used as middle frequency generator in order to generate symmetric AC current as well as a bipolar pulse generator to generate asymmetrical square pulses. With a special ratio power controller the target life time for dual-magnetrons can be exactly symmetrized. Further, also two diffrent target materials can be controlled with asymmetrical pulse power. The ratio power controller sets the pulse times via pulse width modulation (PWM) automatically. The generator works with a fixed frequency of 20kHz. The generator has an automatic Arc-suppression. The parameter for Triplevel and Pulse off time are automatically adjusted to the chosen process. Programming by the user is not necessary. For an automatic synchronization several generators can be connected via control cables. In this case the pulse generators automatically switch to external synchronization.
  • Output power 30kW, AC
  • Combination of units in Master/Slave or parallel up to 240kW
  • Ratio Power Controller
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Water cooling
  • Very compact design
  • Output floating
  • Modular system allows combination of HX (DC) with unipolar pulse generator (SD) or bipolar pulse generator (SB)
  • Compact design ½ 19“
  • Bipolar Pulse Generator with PWM-control guarantees absolut symmetric sputtering!
  • Excellent ultrafast and fully automatic Arc-management
  • Process reproducibility: better than 1-2%